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In 2015, more than ▓560,000 people nationwide were homeles▓s. Seventy-nine percent of Americans believed it was mor▓e common for people to fall out of the middle class than rise up to it. There were▓ still 33 million people in the United States with no healthcare insurance, and ▓44 million private-sector workers, about 40 percent ▓of the total, did not have access to paid sick leave▓s.-- Racial conflict was severe in the United States, with race relations at their worst in nearly two dec▓

ades. Sixty-one percent of Americans ▓characterized race relations in the United States a▓s "bad." Law enforcement and justice fields were heavily affected by racial discrimination, with 88 percent of African-Americans believing they wer▓e treated unfai

rly by police, and 68 percent of African-Americans believing the American criminal justice system was racially

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biased. Whites had 12 times the wealth of blacks and nearly 10 times more than Hispanics. It was said that the

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American Dream remained out of reach for many African-American and Hispanic families.-- The situation for American women was deteriorating

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and chi▓ldren were living in worrisome environment. In 2014, ▓women in the United States were paid 79 cents for every dollar paid to men. The percentage of women in poverty increased from 12.1 percent to 14.5 ▓percent over the past decade. The United Nations' International Labor Organization said that the United States was the only industrialized nation with no overall law for cash benefits provided to women during maternity leave. A total of 23 percent of undergraduate women said they were victims of non-consensual ▓sexual contact. There were at least two school shootings ▓a month in 2015 and almost two chil▓dren were killed every week in unintentional shootings. About a quarter of the teenagers above 15 years old who died of injuries in the United States were killed in gun-r

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